High Quality Care

We all agree that prevention is better than cure, and our goal is to provide you with tools to best maintain health and minimize illness. We believe that no-one is better qualified than you to determine the best therapeutic approach for your horse — our job is to provide the full range of humane and respectful treatment options available so that you can make informed decisions in any context.

With BFP Veterinary services you will receive the highest quality veterinary care at your Horses stable door.

For over Twenty Five years Dr Ben has been involved & gained valuable expertise within various areas of Equine health care;

  • Racing
  • Sport/Performance
  • Pleasure
  • Advanced Reproductive Horse Management
  • Stud medicine
  • Rehabilitation

Services include General Health, Ambulatory care, Ultrasounds, Wellness examinations/ Preventative care, Pre Purchase examinations, Horsemanship, Rehabilitation to Diagnostic services.

BFP Equine Veterinary is committed to remaining at the forefront of Equine medicine and therefore enabling the most up to date and specified care Management for both Patient and Owner. In addition to relentlessly pursuing the most advanced therapies and diagnostics, we are committed to offering a progressive approach to Equine medicine and surgery through continuous professional development.


BFP Equine Veterinary Services holds accreditation with

Hendra Vaccine

Natural Horsemanship Level 2
(Instructor Program)


BFP Equine Veterinary Services is a member of

Dr Ben’s Story

Ben is a graduate from the University of Queensland Veterinary School. Ben’s love of horses originates from both sides of his family. On the “Dam” side, his mother grew up on a remote cattle station “Mount House” in the Kimberly district of Western Australia in the 1950’s and 60’s.

In the 90’s Ben studied horsemanship at clinics under the guidance of famous horseman Pat Parelli. In 1997 this inspired Ben to learn more about horse handling and psychology and studied extensively with Pat Parelli in Colorado USA.

Ben’s Father Brian grew up with a love of the gallopers and was involved with racing at an early age before becoming a successful breeder and owner of thoroughbreds at Enterprise Stud, based in Beaudesert, Queensland.

Dr Ben’s equine veterinary skills have been acquired over 20 years practicing on the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim and Brisbane areas. He has also spent time as a reproductive intern at Irish Studs Rathbarry and Ballylinch; as well as Australian Studs Newhaven Park and Oaklands; and as an associate Veterinarian at Manly Road Equine Veterinary Hospital, Wilsons Equine Veterinary Services, Dr Philip Jefferies (Gold Coast racetrack) and Michael Higgins Veterinary Surgery where he gained an immense amount of experience working with surgical referral cases in addition to ambulatory equine practice.

Dr Ben is passionate about everything Equine including his own Racehorses and personal involvement in Breeding warmbloods and Thoroughbreds.
For the last 10 years Dr Ben has been affiliated with Arundel Plaza Veterinary Clinic, Gold Coast for all his small animal Veterinary consultancy and continues to keep his skills honed and can offer various small animal services to your home Including & not exclusive to:

  • Canine & Feline consultations
  • Skin Consultations (dermatology)
  • Canine Vaccinations (C3 & C5 ,C4)
  • Feline Vaccinations (F3 & FIV)
  • Heartworm Vaccinations (Proheart SR12)
  • In Home Canine Euthanasia
  • Canine Fertility
  • Canine Litter Vaccinations

Dr Bens main Equine veterinary interests include:

  • Dentistry and Preventative health
  • Pre purchase Examinations
  • Fertility Management
  • Podiatry / Hoof lameness
  • Poor Performance Evaluations

We believe in treating every patient as if they were our own horse or pet and giving them the same loving attention and care.

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